Meet Your Pastors

Timothy Thomas, born in Jerusalem Israel and Virginia from the good ole Bluegrass state of Kentucky divinely met in 2010 In Tampa Fl. at The River University (Bible college) and knew from the start they would marry and eventually plant a church together. They moved to Orleans County New York in 2011 where Tim lived with his family from the age of 5.

They married and started a Bible study out of their home and in less than a year 22 people began popping the seams of their home, so they began to seek the Lord for the next steps & for a location to move the home group. In the midst of that season they got an offer to youth pastor in Ft. Worth Texas. Even though they had peace to make the move to Texas, their hearts were still in that small county in Western New York. After their season in Texas, they moved to Kentucky to start a family business and youth pastored at their local church there as well.

Nearly 8 years since originally dreaming of planting a church in Orleans County New York, Pastors Tim & Virginia moved back to New York and launched a church under the umbrella of The River at Tampa Bay Church & the headquarters of the Bible school where they attended together and named it “The River at Orleans County New York church,” AKA The river OCNY Church.

They have two children, Paisley & John Oak Thomas who each have a heart for the Lord just as their parents do.

Their vision is to see true revival take place within each person from the inside out, transforming the county, region, state, and ultimately impacting the ends of the earth.


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