The pure definition of a “church member” is to attend regularly. Here at The River OCNY Church the meaning of a member is so much more than that. Here, you will become part of a family, a team, a core member of a group who is like minded and desires more than anything else to see lives changed forever. To see Heaven populated and hell plundered. 

We truly seek the way of life described in the Bible above anything else. When you are part of a group of believers that are like minded, who are upholding the Pastors hands to see our area shaken by a wave of revival, then you know you are part of something so much bigger than you can imagine. You catch the fire and vision of the pastors and you run with it impacting every one around you. 

You won’t be able to wait to get back to a church service because you know you will be changed, transformed, healed, renewed and growing into all that God has designed you to be and then you will invite everyone you know because you’ll want that for them too. 

There is a place for everyone to plug in and serve The Kingdom no matter what your gifts and talents are! Visit our welcome desk and ask one of our team members for more info on how you can get connected!

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