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The pure definition of a “church member” is to attend regularly. Here at The River OCNY Church the meaning of a member is so much more than that. Here you will become part of a family, a team, a core member of a group who is like minded and desires more than anything else to see lives changed forever. To see Heaven populated and hell plundered. 

We truly seek the way of life described in the Bible above any other earthly want our mind may try to distract us with. When you are part of a group of believers like that, you’re more than a member. You know your part in upholding the Pastors hands is imperative to seeing this region shaken by the mighty move of God. You know you are part of something so much bigger than you can even imagine. You catch the fire and vision of the pastors and you run with it impacting every life around you. 

See when you are a member here at The River you WANT to be here, you WANT to invite everyone you know because you know they will not leave the same way they came. So yes, you will attend regularly because you are being changed, transformed, healed, renewed and growing into all that God has designed you to be and then you will invite everyone you know because you’ll want that for them too. 

After you catch the vision (button for vision) of your Pastors you will WANT to help faithfully with your heart, time and finances- being someone The Lord & Pastors can count on. Where your heart is there your treasures are also. So along with “attending faithfully” you will naturally give of your finances. Not just because you understand the biblical blessing that comes from tithing but giving even above the tithe will just come naturally. 

We will help you find a ministry department to serve in that suits the gifting’s and talents God has placed inside you so you can run with fire the way He intended you to. See Helps Ministries for a list of departments you can serve in! 

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